Saturday, March 30, 2013

Compare row ATC and revolver ATC

Some advanced woodworkers may need a ATC router to free them from waiting for tool changing. There are mainly 2 popular model of ATC router in China: row ATC and revolver ATC. So here I conclude the difference of the 2 models I sell.
Note: Other factories may have different specs as mine. For example,  they may use China systems instead of Taiwan SYNTEC.

Revolver ATC
Machine frame

Super strong

Super High
Alarm frequency
(ATC is a complex progress so there may be errors occour during this period. Thanks to SYNTEC system, the machine will alarm and stop when have errors. And it protect itself in this way.)
(Same SYNTEC system, but as the machine is designed and built for less errors so it has much less alarms)
Servo motor driving method
Delta servo with belts and gears

YASKAWA servo with motor speed reducer (planetary gearbox), more suitable for in high speed work
EISELE made in Germany

Gear racks
Made in China

Spiral gear racks, more smooth and steady. Especially in high speed work.
Atlanta made in Germany

Linear Guide rail
25mm width
30mm width
Tool magazine
6 pockets by default
(max 8)
8 pockets
Servo motor
Taiwan Delta

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