Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some points you should pay attention before buying CNC routers from China.

Here are some advice for who wants to buy a cnc router from China.

Pay attention to NCstudio PCI system

NCstudio system is one of the 2 most popular cnc router systems.
Lots of pirate PCI cards with software. And the cards may be made by different factories.
How to tell the difference?

Pirate ncstuido PCI software version 5.4 or 5.6,
it doesn't support servos, feed rate is limited to 8000mm/min. It may be OK on ball screw machines such as 6090, 1212,1218, etc. But it's awkward on rack gear machines such as 1325 and larger.

Genuine ncstudio PCI software versio V8 or V9 (so far today, May 16, 2013)

Pay attention to DSP system

DSP 0501 or A11 is the other one of the 2 most popular cnc rotuer systems.

There are some factories use copied DSP 0501 panel. If your dsp has no serial number bar code on the back, then it must be a pirate version.

There is one model of DSP 0506 for row ATC machines. This 0506 model is very complex to use and lack of English instruction/manual, so not recommended.

Pay attention to servo motors/drivers
China servos are not so good.
Although it's better than years before. But still technician regards it as a better stepper motor. If your budget is very limited then you can consider.

Taiwan Delta servo is good

Japan Panasonic servo is good

Japan YASKAWA servo is the best choice for woodwork cnc router

Never use stepper motors and drivers on ATC system.

Trident ATC is an expection. Because it doesn't use ATC spindle to achieve ATC function.

Pay attention to stepper motors/drivers

Motors have these common models: 450A, 450B, 450C, the power is A
So big machine use big motor, small machine use small motor, 1325 model usually equip 450B.

Motors are not expensive, so it's not a problem for most of factories.

Popular stepper drivers are all made in China. If you prefer an imported stepper driver, then why don't you use servo?

YAKO drivers is the best brand in China. So this is the always recommended stepper for you if you buy from China. The "Big YAKO" is the model 2811 for 1325 or larger machines.

Leadshine drivers are good but not as good as YAKO. YAKO's price may be 150% of Leadshine 860H or 882.

Leadshine has lots of models. In my experience,

to be continued....


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  2. Great , informative article.. Being available in many different sizes and models, how would one know which cnc router machine is most appropriate for their production. This is helpful ..