Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How to set tool position in SYNTEC 6MA or 6MB (row type ATC)

When you need to set new position of all tools (row type ATC) you may do these steps:

Move the spindle with tool holder in to each tool seats. write down the mechanical coordinates for each tools.

setting 801~806 is the X coordinates for tool 1 ~6
setting 811~816 is the Y
setting 821~826 is the Z


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  3. How I can access those position 801 to 808 for X and 811-816 for Y (in my case I have 8 Tools position) in my Syntec 6MA with a ER1325HB-ATC...

    1. hello did you ever find out how to access those positions I tried parameters but those numbers where not there

  4. Also my Machine ER1325HB-ATC lost the Machine Origin from it original place, How I can change this Origin point (sensor Origen)?