Thursday, August 24, 2017

How to make your laser machine moves correctly for rotary axis.

This may happen when you use a rotary axis which takes place of the Y axis (it uses Y axis motor driver).

Or maybe you found this occours after using your rotary axis.

The problem is: Y movement is incrrect as you set.

For example, in software you set a line of 100mm long along Y axis. the machine moves 200mm or 50mm instead.

Solution (for RDCAM software only):

step 1, go to file, vendor setting:

Step 2: Then inpurt the password: rd8888

Step 3: Read data from your motherboard.

Step 4: choose Y then press the button showed bellow

Step 5: Input the value you set in software; and input the value you get with your machine, press [write] to send the data into motherboard.

Then you can try again on your mahchine. If the problem solved don't forget to save your current setting as a backup.

You may also watch this video for help.


  1. Dear Mr Liu Xin,
    Thank you for this post, i will try this on my laser cutter.

    I have the same problem on my cnc router rotary.
    I work with artcam and my cnc control system is Syntec6MB.
    i need to turn of the x axis in order to use the rotary.
    Have you encountered any problems like this with a cnc router?
    I think i need to get a different postprocessor from my manufacturere.But now they tell me i need to buy different is called JDpaint.
    But i think its a trick to get more money, because i don't understand why there machine would not work with artcam when it comes to rotary work. for normal cnc work on a flat plane it works perfectly with the postprocessor that they provided.
    I think it only needs to be modified, and that i don't need extra software...
    could you tell me what you think.
    thanks in advance
    Glenn claes

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